Homeowner Volunteer Benefits

CAI is committed to helping homeowner volunteer leaders enrich their communities. Through CAI, you can learn about innovations in other communities, access time and money-saving tools and take advantage of opportunities to share information and knowledge with your peers.

While joining CAI on your own is important, having your entire board connected to CAI is the best way to ensure you are making informed decisions-and an excellent way to help your board members achieve the results, respect and recognition they deserve.

Membership includes automatic enrollment in one of CAI's chapters based on zip code. Look through our list of CAI chapters to find one in your area.

Here are the resources and services you'll receive as a CAI member:

  • Board Member Tool Kit
  • Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities
  • Community Association Governance Guidelines
  • Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members
  • FREE Newsletter Articles for Homeowners
  • Local Chapter Education and Networking Events
  • Common Ground™
  • Fast Tracks
  • Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program
  • Advocacy Center
  • Service Directory
  • Credentialed Professionals Directory
  • Publication Discounts
  • Minutes
  • Community Association Law Reporter
  • Information and Tools
  • Member Discount Programs

Membership dues are non-refundable.

Board Memberships

Take advantage of discounts when joining boards of two or more.
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